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Meet The Team


Eli Mabli - Photographer

I am a Dallas native. My interests other than photography are traveling and spending time with family and friends. I have a background in management in the IT field having worked for tech companies such as Microsoft and before that ran a chain of restaurants.

Brista Naomi - Assistant

I joined the team in 2020 after Eli did my portraits! I am from East Texas. My interests include dance, traveling, music, and art. When I am not working I like to hang out with my pets, go on picnics and walk around the lake. I love vintage clothes and going to concerts. 


Alaina M. - Make Up/Hair Artist

Alaina is a very talented and experienced make up and hair stylist from Las Vegas who has spent over 10 years working on big production videos doing hair styling and make up. She is exciting and fun to be around. Has a wide diversity in make up styles, and is capable of anything we can throw at her.   

 - Asst. Photographer 

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